Research on Animal Test Replacement

AmorePacific believes that the most important thing is to develop safe products and to deliver them to the customers.

Research on Animal Test Replacement

AmorePacific is in the process of replacing animal tests. While accommodating social demands emphasizing animal welfare through discontinuation of animal testing, we also play an essential role in securing product safety.

Non-animal Test in Research

In 2009, we have conducted animal test replacements on five test items, and researched on four test methods so we will be able to carry out the total of 9 test methods from 2010. These 9 test methods are photo toxicity (a test conducted to find out the toxicity, 3T3 NRU assay: same as OECD guideline and FDA guideline), eye stimulation (HET-CAM, a test method using human keratocyte, test method using artificial cornea), sensitization (a test to verify the material if there is a possibility of causing skin allergies, THP-1 cell test method, peptide reactivity test method), primary skin irritation (artificial skin test method) and skin absorption (Franz cell). We have attempted to improve accuracy and prediction ability by securing and executing several alternatives of the animal test on some evaluation items.
Also, in 2010, we are researching on the test method of inherited toxicity to ensure additional test methods.