Managing Issued Material

AmorePacific believes that the most important thing is to develop safe products and to deliver them to the customers.

Managing Issued Material

In order to ensure safety of our products, AmorePacific abides by the laws and regulations on incompatible materials and restrictively compatible materials which are subject to legal restrictions.


1.4-Dioxane is an impurity that can be found during the surfactant synthesis process, and is prohibited from being used as a material in many countries around the world, such as European countries, the US, and Japan. However, it is said that there is no problem using the impurity in a cosmetics product, in Korea, its safety as a cosmetics impurity under 100ppm has been verified by KFDA after evaluating its safety; we have set this as our standard in managing our products.

AmorePacific has made an effort to decrease the amount of Dioxine from the material level; and we not only followed the laws but also managed internal safety standard even more strictly than the laws regarding materials which have a possibility of leaving residues so the customers can purchase our products with an easy mind.


There two kinds of cases when Phthalate in cosmetics product is found. The case when it is used as a cosmetics material to achieve smoother application of manicures, and one found in a minuscule amount unintentionally since it was used upon manufacturing plastic containers. As a law in Korea and Europe, it is considered to be safe if the total amount of Phthalate is under 100ppm after a safety evaluation.
Legally, among Phthalate, DEHP, DBP and BBP1 are considered to have a safety problem and was prohibited to be used as a cosmetics material. AmorePacific does not use Phthalate as a material and manages under internal safety standards when selecting containers.


Parabens has been used as preservatives and is currently widely used. Among parabens, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben, isopropylparaben, methylparaben and ethylparaben are used frequently. Parabens is decided that maximum of 0.4% for each use and maximum of 0.8% of mix under regulations in Korea and Europe.
Nevertheless, AmorePacific does not use paraben or replaces it with other preservatives, or even increases the number of products which do not have any preservatives so our customers can use products more safely. Also, we have made various efforts such as developing containers in order to reduce pollution caused by microorganisms while using the products.