CEO Message

AmorePacific seeks a sustainable productivity for the sake of nature, humanity, and business.

AMOREPACIFIC’s vocation is to be an ‘Asian Beauty Creator’ that helps all humankind to realize its dream of living a beautiful, healthy life. The company seeks to create beauty by promoting inner and outer harmony using its deep understanding of natural elements and the essence of Asian beauty. In pursuit of our vocation, AMOREPACIFIC has established a sustainability management vision of becoming ‘Asia’s most respected beauty company', as we strive to create a beautiful life for everyone.

Asian Beauty Creator

In 2010, AMOREPACIFIC continued its beautiful mission to provide new sources of beauty to its customers, employees, business partners, local communities and the environment, in accordance with our five key strategies for realizing sustainability management. First, we sourced high-quality, natural ingredients through R&D innovation, and spread our ‘Beautiful Fair Trade’ practices throughout our organization and supplier network, thereby releasing a greater number of safe, reliable and sustainable products onto the market. Second, we responded to climate change, protected the earth’s biodiversity and implemented green campaigns to minimize the impact of our corporate activities on the environment. Third, we reinvigorated our HR management philosophy and strengthened internal communication through ‘AMOREPACIFIC人’, which enabled us to understand one another’s needs and concerns more deeply. Everyone at AMOREPACIFIC was therefore able to work more happily and effectively, sharing in their joint growth and development. Fourth, out of our sincere concern for their happiness, we provided greater support to our beauty partners to enable them to grow into knowledgeable professionals with the ability to realize their dreams, and to improve the standard of living.

Fifth, we strived to be a good neighbor by engaging in social contribution activities that focused on ensuring women are able to live healthy, confident lives, based on AMOREPACIFIC’s social contribution vocation of ‘offering healthful beauty to women and their families’. Furthermore, as a company dedicated to world-class standards of sustainability management, AMOREPACIFIC supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact governing human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, and we try every day to faithfully execute these principles in our business activities. In addition to conducting sustainability management activities, AMOREPACIFIC strengthened the company’s brand power and transformed its distribution channels to respond to the challenges of an uncertain global business environment. Thanks to our growth-oriented efforts, we made strong gains in both sales and profits, with total sales exceeding the KRW 2 trillion mark.
The full story of these efforts is provided in our third sustainability report, "Creating a Beautiful Life", which we have carefully prepared as an important means of communicating openly and honestly with all of you, our respected stakeholders. We promise to continue developing sustainable products and technologies through continuous investment in research and innovation, and to strengthen our sense of responsibility toward the environment. AMOREPACIFIC is a people-centered company, and we strive to create an atmosphere in which all employees and business partners can enjoy working together and achieve tangible results from their labors. As the preeminent ‘Asian beauty creator’, we will listen carefully to the market and discover exciting new ways of meeting needs that no other company can, and satisfy our customers’ demands in AMOREPACIFIC’s own unique way. This is the type of business that we are, and it is how we are becoming a company that is loved and admired by everyone.

Thank you.

Chairman & CEO AMOREPACIFIC Group Suh Kyung-Bae