Aritta, a Typeface of Sharing

Typography is a vessel that captures a culture.


Hence it is a very smart strategy for a company to develop its own typeface
to promote its corporate culture. This is what AMOREPACIFIC has done.
AMOREPACIFIC became the first Korean company to develop a new font for its
typographic identity (TI), in collaboration with Professor Sang-Su Ahn of Hongik University, which has one of the most respected colleges of art in Korea. A company’s unique typeface reveals its corporate TI and reinforces the company’s image in the minds of consumers over time.



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Based on the oriental philosophies of cheon-ji-in (meaning “heaven, earth and humans”) and ohaeng (the five elements of metal, water, wood, fire and earth), the Aritta font optimally captures the character of handwriting by reflecting the movement of the hand and body and pursues future-oriented simplicity in order to suit the essence of AMOREPACIFIC’s corporate philosophy: healthy beauty. The elegant and beautiful form of the Aritta font projects the image of an intellectual, contemporary woman.

A Typeface of Sharing

Aritta was developed as the unified typeface for AMOREPACIFIC’s corporate identity, but it is available for public use. As an expression of AMOREPACIFIC’s advanced corporate culture of promoting sharing in society and actively contributing to Korean culture, the company decided not to confine Aritta within the corporate boundary but to share it with the Korean public. That is why Aritta is a typeface of sharing.