Korea Breast Cancer Foundation

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Korea Breast Cancer Foundation

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Korea Breast Cancer Foundation

KBCF : Korea Breast Cancer Foundation

The Korea Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization relating to breast health founded for the first time in Korea to improve quality of life of women by supporting operation charges for low-income families, preventive examination, and research on breast related diseases as well as promulgating the significance of the self-diagnosis of breast cancer and improvement of breast health of women in Korea.


Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon is a symbol to enhance breast health awareness

  • 1Pink Ribbon delivers the importance of breast health is identical worldwide but the shapes of ribbons differ in each country.
  • 2It means the beauty, health and freedom of breasts of women.
  • 3Registered trademark at Korea Breast Cancer Foundation (to protect its trademark right)

KBCF Pink ribbon Campaign ?

By participating in events of non-profit organization as well as events for public interests such as health festivals, we distribute breast health propaganda along with education activities including the self—diagnosis.
Any municipal or non-profit organizations that want to take part in the foundation, please contact the foundation’s executive office.