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This is AmorePacific's foundation for seeking a beautiful and bountiful society of justice.

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Realize beautiful and affluent society – AmorePacific Welfare Foundation“World is more beautiful when we share”.

AmorePacific Welfare Foundation was built by the purpose of contributing to developments of the society and national welfare by operating social welfare tasks to improve quality of life and welfare of low-income families and realizing beautiful and affluent society.

AmorePacific Welfare Foundation has made efforts to share sufferings of low-income families by its various tasks such as improving social welfare facilities, enlightening social welfare, promotions, and supporting community relief and centers. This is due to the management philosophy of the founder Sung-whan Seo, which a company can develop when it is not neglectful of supporting and helping the development of the society.

Taepyeongyang Welfare Foundation is a small, yet meaningful corporate foundation with the purpose of making affluent society for all by realizing practical social welfare, direct support for beneficiaries, and carrying forward a participatory social welfare. In order to realize this, the foundation tries to encourage women and children to self-provide themselves by compressing and supporting scope and range of tasks.

Not only do we operate our own programs but also we develop and operate common plans and cooperative programs and introduce voluntary work programs continuously with social welfare organizations and will carry out the sharing love movement.