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This is AmorePacific's foundation for seeking a beautiful and bountiful society of justice.

AmorePacific Foundation

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Supports excavation and research on Asia’s beauty – AmorePacific Foundation

AmorePacific Foundation was founded in 1973. From its beginning, the foundation has contributed to the development of society by fostering elites and supporting important research. Especially, it has supported researched related to “women” and stored the results to grow as a research Mecca of women’s lives.

Through contests to support research expenses, it invigorates research having various views related to “women” and raised the usability of research results by producing publications and videos.

The foundation has supported the subjects for which having a contest is not feasible, and contributed to global elite development and international communications through exchanges of studies with Southeast Asian countries.

From 2010, compose a research project team which will study the value of Asian beauty and expand its realm of interests by adding Asian beauty research project which has stood out recently.

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