Environment Policy

This shows AmorePacific's efforts to maintain the customer's beauty through the use of nature.

Environment Policy

AmorePacific recognizes the win-win of human beings and their healthy life as a core corporate value as a company which pursues human health and beauty. AmorePacific’s environmental philosophy is the declaration of “Unlimited Responsibility for the Environment” and AmorePacific’s green movement as part of the declaration while we make our desirable corporate image.

AmorePacific is the company which manifests the dreams of health and beauty of our customers as a professional beauty and health company, we pursue abundant life and happiness by a consistent improvement of innovative environmental values through management activities centered upon harmonies of environment and economic values.

Beauty & Health

  • 1 By recognizing the fact that the whole corporate process influences the environment, we create environmental values through improvement in environment and consistent environmental system build-up.
  • 2 From the development of products, to the disposal after their use, through the clean production technology as well as the prevention of pollutions, we meet the needs of customers for the environment, and promote a clear environment by minimizing the outbreak of environmental pollutants.
  • 3 Abide by the environmental laws and establish internal standards which are stricter than the laws and follow them.
  • 4 Intensify internal and external communication systems through information on environmental management activities.
  • 5 Realize the social responsibility toward environment conservation and participate actively to the environment conservation activities of the community.