Beautiful Fair Trade

This is AmorePacific’s three principles of beautiful fair trade.

Beautiful Fair Trade

In order to make products to be harmonious with the community, we began the “Beautiful Fair Trade” since 2010. This program is AmorePacific’s own fair trade activity which was designed to contribute to the environment and the society positively by following three principles of raw material safety, environmental protection, and contributions to the local community in the processes of selecting and purchasing raw materials.

The first partner of “Beautiful Fair Trade” is Dong-baek village in Jeju Island (2 Shinheung-lee, Namwon-eup, Seoguipo-city). We joined a contract in February of 2010 and promised to purchase camellia materials (seeds, flowers) harvested with an environmental-friendly method in the Dongbaek village, and offered a common income source to 150 villagers.

Beginning from the camellia materials, we will secure materials from in and outside of the country through “Beautiful Fair Trade.”

Three principles of Beautiful Fair Trade

Three principles of Beautiful Fair Trade
  • 원료 안전성
    Thorough monitoring for customers to use our products with an easy mind.
  • 지역사회 공헌
    By using materials produced by the community, contribute to the development of the society.
  • 환경보존
    Minimize the influence on the environment throughout the whole process of cultivation, processing and conveyance.