Sustainable Products

This is AmorePacific's customer friendly, eco-friendly, and business friendly sustainable products.

Sustainable Products

AmorePacific has suggested “Safe Products & Sustainable Innovations” as one of the 5 strategic directions while defining the sustainable management system in 2008.

In order to develop products based on the sustainable corporate strategy, AmorePacific has set up a definition of sustainable products pursued by the company and developed sustainable products. AmorePacific’s sustainable products are “products that pursue the harmony with the community by enhancing customer’s relief sentiment and minimizing the influence on the environment by innovated activities,” In the future, through ceaseless efforts, we will be expanding sustainable products by 10% every year.

AmorePacific Sustainable Products

Customer-friendly products  - Enhance customers’ ease of mind

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  • Happy Bath Chamomile Baby Cream
    Happy Bath Chamomile Baby Cream
    It is a product which obtained EU-approved organic accreditation “ECO-cert.” The product includes more than 90% of natural ingredients, more than 10% of organic ingredients and is treated with no pigment, no parabens, no ethanol, and no artificial fragrance so it becomes the safest product to babies.
  • Song-yeom Eun-ye-bo-jin Toothpaste
    Song-yeom Eun-ye-bo-jin Toothpaste
    It is a product which received LOHAS accreditation of Korean Standards Association and fulfilled the standards of health, environment, social justice and sustainability. We used natural ingredients including organic ingredients as well as mild anionic surfactant.
Earth-friendly products - Minimize the influences on the environment

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  • History of Happy Bath Natural 96.6% really gentle type Body Cleanser
    History of Happy Bath Natural 96.6% really gentle type Body Cleanser
    It is a highly biodegradable product used for ecosystem preservation. The product does not include any harmful ingredients and its packing materials are easy to be recycled. The product obtained the Environment Mark approved by Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute.
  • Mise en scene Essential Damage Care Shampoo
    Mise en scene Essential Damage Care Shampoo
    The product obtained “Carbon Footprint Label” certification which is indicated on the products of its GHG emission rate, throughout the whole process, from the production to the distribution and to the disposal of the products. 514g of carbon dioxide is emitted per each product.
Society-friendly products - Harmony with the community

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  • Mise en scene Essential Damage Care Rinse (Braille)
    Mise en scene Essential Damage Care Rinse (Braille)
    All Mise en scene Rinse products are written in Braille to help the visually impaired customers to use the products without any difficulties.