Women’s Dignified life

Corporate responsibility can be viewed through various social welfare projects.

Women’s Dignified life

Hope Store – Beautiful World Fund Aritaum in You AP Female Scientist Award

Hope Store – Beautiful World Fund

AmorePacific will continue to support the practical self-support of low-income families.

In June 2003, the bereaved family of AmorePacific’s founder Sung-whan Seo revered his wish to donate the 5 billion won of his bequest to the public foundation “Beautiful Foundation” to create “Jangwon Sung-whan Seo’s Beautiful World Fund.” This fund has been used to improve the quality of life of women and children by supporting their business foundation and livelihood support of single mom families. In July 2004, three generations of single mom families have opened up “Beautiful World Funded Hope Store No.1 – Mihaeyoen” by the support of the fund. Hope Store – Beautiful World Fund01 Hope Store – Beautiful World Fund02 AmorePacific will support the self-provision of low-income single mom families through the Beautiful World Fund to prevent their poverty from being inherited. Also, by composing a network of professionals to strengthen the functions of their family and support them psychologically, we will set this as a new welfare model.

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