Development of Carbon Labeling Certification Certified Products

AmorePacific is working to lessen its effects on the climate change.

Development of Carbon Labeling Certification Certified Products

Since 2008, we have participated in the pilot project of Carbon Labeling Certification of Ministry of Environment, and was certified for Carbon Labeling Certification in eight items including five Mise en scene shampoo items and three Happy Bath body cleanser items.

As a result of Carbon Labeling Certification, 48% of GHG emission was generated from the process of producing containers of “Mise en scene Pearl Shining Moisture Shampoo.” To address the issue and enhance competitiveness of climate change responses with our vendors, AmorePacific has carried out “Low Carbon Management System Build-up with Vendors” as a two-year plan since June of 2009.

By supporting GHG inventory build-up and diagnosing energy usage of the vendors, we will continuously reduce GHG emission and will reduce GHG emission rate by using recycled plastics and low-weight designs.

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