Declaration of Self-regulated Management

CCMS is our pledge to strengthen customer relations.

President and CEO,AMOREPACIFIC Corporation Kyung-Bae Suh

A company must cast about the ways on how to survive and develop in the ever-changing environment.

Among those, I believe that it is one of company’s activities to address issues of dealing with matters to accept and satisfy customer complaints as well as communicating with the customers who are the lifeline of the company.

Hence, we introduced CCMS to promote changes in dealing with customer complaints.

CCMS is considered to be a program which is very important for our company to take our customer care level up a notch by ultimately preventing customer complaints and systemizing various corporate activities such as marketing, design, R&D and SCM.

I ask our dear employees to give consideration and help to make the customer care services and related tasks in the company we have done so far to be more systematic so that they will be settled in the company.

Thank you.

Chairman & CEO AMOREPACIFIC Group Suh Kyung-Bae