Protect Biological Diversity

AmorePacific agrees with the goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity and works to protect our bio-diversity.

Protect Biological Diversity

Around 300,000 types of plants are living on earth. Efficacies of only 2% of them are known. The limitless possibility of the rest of the 98% will be found when their biodiversity is protected.

“The Convention on Biodiversity” was chosen by the UN Conference on the Environment along with the Convention on Climate Change in 1992. Governments of 193 countries have joined the convention and Korea joined in 1994.
AmorePacific has contributed in protecting biodiversity through various activities based upon the purpose of the Convention on Biodiversity.
(Major purpose of the convention: ① investigate and research ② conserve ③ sustainable use and fairly distribute profits generated in the process of their use)

Investigate and research on biological diversity

Form a partnership with a research institute for biodiversity

We joined <Joint Research Agreement for Biodiversity Conservation> with National Institute of Biological Resources in May 2010 in an effort to conserve and utilize biological resources.

Research on consumer awareness on biodiversity

In this “Year of Biodiversity in 2010” designated by the UN, we conducted researched on consumers with the international institute Union for Ethical Bio Trade (UEBT) in order to find out how the consumers look at and understand biodiversity. The research result will be reported in the Conference of the Parties to Biodiversity held in Nagoya in October 2010 to compare understating of biodiversity in each country. AmorePacific will make an effort to recognize the importance and protect the biodiversity of our customers.

Biological Diversity Conservation

Support research on indigenous species native plants

Indigenous species are found only in limited areas, it is essential to protect their habitats and conduct research on related fields.
AmorePacific has supported the research on conservation and proliferation to protect the indigenous species, Pulsatilla Tongkangensis, which only lives in Korea.
- Joint research team: Professor Soon-kwan Hong (INHA, Kang-won University)

Use the biological diversity sustainably and distribute profits generated in the process of its use

AmorePacific cooperates with the community to obtain the best from nature, and makes efforts to utilize the biodiversity of the region in a sustainable way.

Through AmorePacific’s own fair trade program, “Beautiful Fair Trade,” we make our efforts for a sustainable development along with the community by sharing profits of utilizing biodiversity of the community.
See Beautiful Fair Trade details

Related organizations

  • 국립생물자원관 국립생물자원관

    National Institute of Biological Resources, founded in March 2007, is a government organization under Ministry of Environment to administer researches and excavation, security and possession of national biological resources in Korea.

    UEBT is an international organization founded in 2007 in Geneva which carries out corporate consulting to ensure sustainable and ethical possession of materials obtained from biological diversity.