With Our Beauty Partners

This is AmorePacific's precious affiliates and beauty partners.

With the Beauty Partners

Beauty partners are a precious companion of AmorePacific who have been
the basis of its continuous growth. Beauty partners offer beauty solutions
at the points of communicating with customers, and to fulfill their needs of having a great relationship with our customers.

AmorePacific has remained in close partnerships to make a healthy and beautiful society, and have provided them support to manifest their individual goals through a economic stability and business growth.

Partners of each distribution route

  • Amore Counselor Mee-jung Choi
  • Arielle Doo-yeon Nah
  • Flora So-young Jung
  • Would you tell us about your job, Amore Counselor, first? Note 1)
  • Amore Counselor is a position to sell cosmetics products and health products directly to customers. Rather than just selling products, consider it as a lifetime beauty partner who shares beautiful and healthy lives with our customers. Amore Counselors have been with AmorePacific for the past 50 years as a faithful companion who have relationships
  • I believe it might not be easy to sell products to customers from day one, what kind of educations have you received to become an excellent counselor?
  • Once one becomes a new counselor, she receives Sales Stimulation and Enhancement Program (SSEP) which teaches sales skills like a textbook of collective instructions of excellent counselors to learn sales activities. Also, through educations for each class, we are supported to develop our skills continuously. We also share sales skills and products information through Beauty Mate and Hyang-jang as well as the education website. We also receive motivation and benefits from overseas training for outstanding counselors.
  • I heard that “Amore Counselor Conference” takes place every year. What is the purpose of the conference and how do you feel about it?
  • This year, the 11th Amore Counselor Conference took place in Cham-shil Olympic stadium. Around 6,000 counselors were there as well as the CEO and executive who were there to encourage us. Amore Counselor Conference is a festival for our counselors to share love with other counselors and have bigger dreams. There were many exciting programs and celebrities’ performances for the company and the counselors to be united.
  • I heard that you won New Counselor award at this year’s conference, what would you say to the new counselors who want to begin their career as a counselor?
  • In fact, it’s kind of embarrassing to say something because there are a lot of counselors who are better than me at work but what I can proudly say is I tried to become a counselor who gives inspiration and trust to our customers. I think the reason why I won the award was because I tried to read our customers’ minds with honesty and gave then beauty counseling. Any counselor can succeed if they do their best at their work to move customers’ minds. It is a very attractive job. Dream of a new life, challenge yourself to become a beauty counselor without any hesitations!
  • Would you explain about the benefits of a beauty counselor as a profession?
  • The thing I am the most proud of is that there are systems and knowledge of AmorePacific door-to-door sales which has been continued for 47 years with 38,000 counselor families. Also, it is a merit of the job that your income increases in accordance with your efforts. As I try hard and work toward my goals, my income has increased over time. Another benefit is that your work time is very flexible. I go to work by 9:20, I have some leeway to send my husband to work and my children to school and I can visit my customers according to my own schedule, I can use my time the way I want. Also, as long as I am healthy, I can continue to work, so I will work when I get older, which is the best retirement plan.
  • What did you feel after the “Make up your life” campaign?
  • I loved it because I can deliver the warmth of the neighbors through the work I can do the best. I think it is the work of Amore Counselor to deliver the love we receive from our customers to the abandoned neighbors. It might be a small love, but when I witnessed cancer patients find hope of life and were recovered, it gave me motivation and thought of doing more of such activities.
  • Can I ask you what are your personal dreams and visions are?
  • Through this job as a beauty counselor, I am happy that I regained my own name, rather than my identity as somebody’s mother or wife. Also, I am proud that I supported part of my family income. While being a counselor, I was very happy because I became confident, which made our family happier. My future goal is to challenge myself to become a department head this year and the chief branch manager which is the highest position in 3 years. And another dream is to become a role model of Amore Counselors in all sectors in self management and sales know-how.

Note 1) Amore Counselor Mee-jung Choi is an AmorePacific beauty partner of Kil-eum store.

  • Would you introduce your job?주1)
  • Arielle is a beauty partner who works at an Aritaum store and can experience various brands of AmorePacific and receive beauty counseling. We not only sell products but offer tailored beauty solutions for each customer.
  • What does the pretty name Arielle mean?
  • As the fairy Arielle who helps people to have love near them, Arielle is a woman (elle) who supports the beauty of our customers at Aritaum.
  • Customers have their own desired make-up tactics according to their skin types, age or individual tastes. What types of beauty solutions can you offer to them?
  • Like you said, each customer has different skin troubles and ways of expressing their skins. It might be hard to give them solutions only through education on products. We receive customer counseling methods and skin technology from AmorePacific. We receive education on basic skin technology for skins troubles and aging. I use what I learned when I give counsel to customers without noticing it. And the company offers systematic professional education according to one’s position. One has to study until late at night when they receive such educations. On top of that, we receive continuous management and coaching, so that we can learn naturally.
  • Introduce the counseling master qualification which began last year and how did you feel after you obtained the qualification?
  • A counseling master is beauty certification accredited by Ministry of Labor which Arielles can apply. I think I reviewed my knowledge I have built up so far and studied them once again systematically about the knowledge on skins while I was preparing for the certificate. And you are given a different name tag once you become a beauty master. Customers will feel like “this person is the one who gives counseling with thorough knowledge.”

    Other than the counseling master certificate approved by AmorePacific, there are other make-up certificates accredited by foreign countries, I applied for those too since I am very much interested in make-up. It helped a lot because the company supported me in the process of preparing for the certificates.
  • I heard that Aritaum stores support children overseas.
  • Currently, around 140 Aritaum stores support 160 children in other countries.
    Each store has supported 1 child, but the campaign is afoot in order to change the activity to Korea to go with the “My favorite, beautiful stores.” By patronizing children in the country, we would like to approach to "My favorite, beautiful store”
  • Would you share one of your episodes at work?
  • A 20-year-old lady visited the store and looked around for skin care products, so I told her that she can receive skin diagnosis if she wants by Skin Touch. But another customer said that the lad cannot speak and I had to write down what I said. While writing it down, I was giving her counseling because it’s like a habit of me now. But the person said that there is no use of saying things to her and just write them down.

    So I explained the products on a piece of paper after showing her basic skin care products. In the end, both of them purchased products and wrote down a message that she had never received this kind of detailed counseling about skin care products that just suit her skin before. I was a little bit embarrassed while she wrote the thank you message on the paper, but I was feeling good and the day was memorable.
    After that day, I felt like I am the one who should say thank you for them because our customers give me a change to think from their stance.
  • Can I ask you what are your personal dreams and visions are?
  • To have a My Shop which the company supports to open is the dream of many Arielles. I, too, want to open up a My Shop to fulfill my dream so that I can become a role model to other Arielles and that a good opportunity can also come to them if they work hard for it.

    And I want to teach if I am given the opportunity to give lectures. There were opportunities for me to fulfill that dream when I taught on-site know-how to other Arielles. Before, I was too shy to speak in public even though my dream used to be a teacher. After I was given teaching education at the company, I became confident and was able to teach. After that, I was more eager to teach. If I will be given another opportunity to teach, like other instructors, I'd like to hand down my know-how to other Arielles.

Note 1) Arielles whom you can meet at Aritaum stores are beauty partners of AmorePacific who belong to AIM.              Arielle web site:

  • Please introduce the position, Flora. Note 1)
  • A Flora is a position to sell living utility products of AmorePacific. If a customer at a mart has difficulty choosing the right product among various products, I introduce good products of AmorePacific which delivers beauty image to them.
  • Such a pretty name. What is the meaning of the name?
  • “Flora” has the meaning which means the goddess of beauty who is responsible for customers’ beauty. The position not only sells products, but after having the name which means to deliver the best beauty at the nearest location to customers, I feel more proud of the position at work.
  • Proper education might be needed for a Flora to deliver knowledge on beauty to customers, what kind of education have you received?
  • Floras have four levels of positions including beginner, junior, senior and master. I am at the senior level and every Flora is educated for each position. AmorePacific’s education makes us learn not only the process of experiencing products but also tips to satisfy customers’ needs. Through the education, we witness the process of using shampoo and rinse products as well as the results of luminous hair, we are more confident in the products so that we can give right instructions to customers. In addition, the etiquette training helps us indirectly even though it is not related directly to product sales.
  • What do you think is the benefit of a Flora as a profession?
  • First, I like that they treat us as a professional. I think it is a professional job which has a name, calling and even a code of conduct. I can get as much education as possible. Another merit is that it gives me constant motivation. There is a possibility of a promotion depending on my efforts. I set up goals for myself and challenge myself to a higher dream one step at a time.
  • When was the time you felt most rewarding?
  • It has been 5 years since I started working at the Seoul Station store, recently there are more and more foreign customers. Japanese and Chinese customers visit our store and, last year, a Japanese customers who had bought “Ryo” products came back to buy the same products this year. The customer remembered me and I remembered the customer, too. If our products were not satisfying, the customer would had not come back, which means the product satisfied the customer to make her come back every year. I was even more proud of our products.
  • What is it like working as a Flora?
  • I live near the store, and my children come to the store from time to time. It is rewarding that my children are proud of what I do.

Note 1) Floras who you can meet at the living utilities section of a mart are AmorePacific beauty partners
             belonging to TIM