AMOREPACIFIC Corporate Ethics

Corporate ethics require a combination of corporate goals and social demands, thereby enhancing the corporation's values and seeking sustainable growth.

AMOREPACIFIC Corporate Ethics

What are corporate ethics?

Basic Concepts Direction for Implementation Core Value Organization Operation Code of Ethics

Basic Concepts

AMOREPACIFIC's corporate ethics stem from the corporate spirit valuing Sincerity and trust and our mission called Asian Beauty Creator. We have developed by declaring the corporate ethics in 1993 by succeeding the spirit of unlimited liability, declaring AMOREPACIFIC WAY in 2008, and by reflecting the internal environmental change called declaration of the Sustainable Management Vision. AMOREPACIFIC will go forward toward Our Vocation with respecting the international guidelines like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), OECD's 'Convention on Prevention of Bribery in International Commerce Transactions' etc.

The corporate ethics are the source for sustainable growth

We consider corporate ethics not just a tool for management innovation but as the foundation of corporate management, and work hard to internalize them as a corporate culture. We will try to become a beautiful corporate creating the trust and value of our customers through practicing these corporate ethics.