The Poje Method

Honey Treatment
Jaeumdan and Jaeumboweedan, the foundation of Sulwhasoo skincare systems, are enhanced by the Honey Treatment.
Honey harmonizes hundreds of medicinal herbs and maximizes the effects of Korean herbal medicinal ingredients.
Jaeumdan’s Small Solomon’s seal and White Lily, Jaeumboweedan’s Satsuma Mandarin, Ladybells, Kobon, and Adlay Millet are matured in honey, put into earthen jars, and carefully baked. This method not only refines the ingredients, but honey also effectively further refines the skin.

After Honey Treatment, the efficacy of the ingredients of Jaeumdan and Jaeumboweedan in improving the firmness of skin is enhanced by three times greater than before and doubles the moisturizing properties.

Salt Treatment
The Salt Treatment involves baking ingredients in salt. Sulwhasoo Snowise line uses Salt Treatment. First, salt is dissolved in water. Then, logs of mulberry tree which is known as a strong whitening agent, is completely soaked in that water and baked. Salt not only clarifies the body and purifies the blood, but it also fortifies the Yin energy and detoxifies inflammation to clarify and brighten skin.

The Salt Treatment enhanced the skin detoxification efficacy of the mulberry tree and improved the power of the active ingredients.

Steam Treatment
Concentrated Ginseng Cream, which uses various parts of ginseng from fruits to roots, makes use of the Steam Treatment, in which ingredients are refined through high temperature and steam. When Korea-grown ginseng roots are steamed for 2~3 hours and dried in a sunny, well-ventilated area for 2~3 days, the sunshine and the morning dew improve their texture. This kind of Steam Treatment is used to make red ginseng.

Saponin in red ginseng is very effective in regenerating the skin from deep inside after the Steam Treatment.

Germinating Treatment
Extra Refining line, which contains five organic fruits and seeds, makes use of the Germinating Treatment. This method involves germinating completely ripened fruits and seeds at a certain temperature and humidity. Of the five fruits and seeds in the Extra Refining Line, red beans and black sesame are cleaned, soaked in hot spring water for 4-8 hours, and allowed to germinate under carefully controlled humidity and temperature. Since the old times, using germinated seeds has been considered the best use of energy from the seeds.

Amino acids and glutamine in red beans and black sesame are increased after the Germinating Treatment, which doubles the natural strength of the defensive barrier on skin.

Alcohol Steam Treatment
Jaeumboweedan, the key ingredient of Sulwhasoo Men’s Line, contains Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract that are treated in alcohol steam. The Brewed Medicine section of states that “Alcohol enhances the circulation of energy in medicine.” Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract are dipped inside Andong Soju and kept under air-tight conditions until the ingredients absorb all of the liquid. When the ingredients are fully soaked in Andong Soju, they are taken out and steamed until they become richer in color.

Jaeumboweedan, containing Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract that are steamed by alcohol, boasts of a tenfold improvement in efficacy.