First Care Serum

A Korean herbal medicinal boosting serum that assures optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture and nutrients.

When your skin loses its inner balance due to the lack of Yin energy, it quickly becomes dry. Dryness, which is caused by the lack of Yin energy, is the very first symptom of all skin troubles and must be taken care of immediately. Sulwhasoo First Care Serum has been Sulwhasoo’s leading product for more than 10 years since it was first released in 1997. With the new concept of applying a serum on the skin before using any other product, it quickly fills the lack of energy caused by dryness.

Jaeumdan and Jaeumboweedan, supporting the Sang-Seng of various elements in the skin, revitalize the energy flow in the skin to boost the effectiveness of other products applied afterwards.

JaEum (滋陰) means supplementing and protecting the Yin energy in skin. Sulwhasoo’s major ingredient, ‘Jaeumdan (滋陰丹)’ is a unique and original formula that supplements the energy and keeps the skin refined and beautiful. Jaeumdan is carefully extracted from the combination of five Korean herbal medicinal plants – Small Solomonseal, Adhesive Rehmannia, White Lily, Chinese Peony, and East Indian Lotus – and adopts the principle of Sang-Seng between fresh and treated ingredients to further enhance the efficacies.

Beautiful skin requires harmony and balance of Yin and Yang. Jaeumdan’s supplementation of Yin is further enhanced by Jaeumboweedan. Jaeumboweedan, the basis of Sulwhasoo skincare, extracts seven Korean medicinal herbs in balance. This multi-dimensional formula is completed with the Yin energy of Jaeumdan and the addition of Licorice and Dwarf Lilyturf to balance the combination of different medicinal herbs in the formula.