AMOREPACIFIC will have an exhibition booth at COEX (Hall A, A52) from May 25 to 29.

Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, 3 global mega-brands of AMOREPACIFIC, will be displayed on the exhibition booth. You will be able to know more about AMOREPACIFIC and its brands by visiting AMOREPACIFIC exhibition booth.

  • Sulwhasoo
  • Laneige
  • Mamonde
  • Sulwhasoo

    Asian wisdom and Korean Medicinal Herbs to restore healthy looking skin

    Sulwhasoo skincare draws from ancient wisdom to balance Yin and Yang energies and restore healthy looking skin. Targeting symptoms related to Yin deficiencies such as dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing elasticity and lack of glow, indigenous herbs provide intense treatment to reduce signs of aging and recover devitalized skin.

    Sulwhasoo ingredients are obtained using ancient methods that have been employed for centuries to assure optimum potency. Processes such as the Poje method, a 500-year-old refining process that involves soaking each herb in honey and roasting, are utilized to assure maximum efficacy with signature ingredients.

    Science behind Beauty
    • First Care Serum
      First Care Serum
      An essential regimen boosting serum
    • Concentrated Ginseng Cream
      Concentrated Ginseng Cream
      A revitalizing cream delivering nutrient-rich Ginseng to the deepest layers of the skin
    • Renodigm Dual Care Cream
      Renodigm Dual Care Cream
      A Korean herbal medicinal day cream that protects skin from light and heat for younger-looking appearances
    • Poje Method
      Poje Method
      A method used to maximize the benefits of Korean Herbal Medicinal ingredients
  • Sulwhasoo
  • IOPE
  • Laneige
  • Mamonde
  • IOPE

    Biology for the skin, Innovation leader for the skin

    After taking its first steps as the first cosmetics brand in Korea in 1996, IOPE has been continuously innovating for beautiful skin. Starting with the first retinol cosmetics in Korea based on skin medical research, a new prospect was discovered in the Korean cosmetics market with a whitening product, Whitegen Line, the world’s first super vita line to use stabilized Omega-3 technology. IOPE strives to realize ideal skin all women dream of taking advantage of the benefits of innovative dermatology. Genius, a group made up of the best dermatology experts consisting of dermatologists and IOPE researchers, directly participates in developing new products that reflect the latest technology and knowledge and by performing consulting for consumers’ skin worries to present a more fulfilling beauty solution.

    Science behind Beauty
    • Retinol NXTM Deep Wrinkle Corrector
      Retinol NXTM Deep Wrinkle Corrector
      A Fortified Exclusively Night rinkle-Removal Intensive Product that Cares for Deep Lines and even Potential Wrinkles
    • Super Vital Extra Moist Cream
      Super Vital Extra Moist Cream
      Special Cream that cares for skin fortifying elasticity, the lack of being the cause of skin aging, and making it radiant with suppleness.
    • Whitegen 
Ampoule Essence
      Whitegen Ampoule Essence
      As if providing special pampering with ampoule, a high-enriched whitening essence that takes care of skin in such a way that scattered blemishes fade away and the entire skin tone is improved creating clear, uniform skin
    • “Genius” Group of IOPE Experts
      “Genius” Group of IOPE Experts
      The best professional group for IOPE products consisting of the Advisory Committee of Dermatologists and the IOPE Skin Science Institute
  • Sulwhasoo
  • Laneige
  • Mamonde
  • Laneige

    Confidence that does not dry in 24 hours, moist skin achieved through water science

    Laneige provides the best moisturizing through the scientific research of "water," the source of life and the most important element for maintaining healthy skin. The research and development of independent water science technology strengthens one’s cells’ innate potential, not to mention provide moisture and realize beauty that is full of life, clean and polished. Laneige offers the gift of skin that is healthy and full of vitality 24 hours a day creating a Waterful moment for women across the world.

    Science behind Beauty
    • Water Bank Essence
      Water Bank Essence
      Long-lasting Moisture Essence for Smooth and Clear Skin Texture
    • Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist
      Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist
      provides instant hydration, purifies the skin and revitalizes exhausted skin
    • Water Sleeping Pack_EX
      Water Sleeping Pack_EX
      Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation
    • Waterful Sharing Campaign
      Waterful Sharing Campaign
      Foundation of Life,
      a Waterful Sharing Campaign to Protect Water
  • Sulwhasoo
  • Laneige
  • Mamonde
  • Mamonde

    Smart beauty for women of wisdom

    A flower is more than a symbol of perfection.
    It grows strong with all the essential elements of life: soil, sun, wind and water.

    A flower is more than a symbol of elegance.
    It represents nature’s resilience and vitality.

    In order for Mamondeto perfectly complement a women’s complexion,
    we study the benefits of a flower from its source: its root, stem and leaf.

    That is Mamonde’sSmart Nature Science brand philosophy.

    Backed by its philosophyand 60 years of Amore Pacific skin care science,
    our products get to the heart of how nature can renew and refine a women’s beauty,
    and help every woman sparkle as heroine of their own world.

    Mamonderemains a brand that helps women blossom with age.

    Science behind Beauty
    • Total Solution Moisture Cream
      Total Solution Moisture Cream
      High-hydrating cream that solves 10 types of troubles from dry skin with soybeans and camellia leaf ingredients
    • Pure White Sleeping Pack Ex
      Pure White Sleeping Pack Ex
      Whitening Sleeping Pack with White Capsules Doubling the Whitening and Moisturizing Effect
    • Age Control Essence
      Age Control Essence
      Essence that Protects and Maintains Skin Everyday from the Aging from Harmful External Environments and Internal Causes
    • Plant Redesign
      Plant Redesign
      “Plant Redesign,” the Story of Mamonde’s Natural Base Materials