Research Fields and Achievements

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Since its inception in August 1954, the AmorePacific R&D
Institute has been touted as an institute that retains unique technology,
and is becoming known as the best cosmetic research institute in Korea.
Currently, “Sungjigwan,” the main research building and “Mijium,” the second research building are equipped with cutting-edge facilities for welfare, comprising a total of five labs, including the Cosmetic Research lab, Skin & Science lab, Medical Beauty lab, Health & Science lab, and Bio Science lab, in which a wide range of beauty and health research is carried out.

1. Cosmetic Research

Our cosmetic research focuses on specific market trends and customer needs. Our object is to become the world leader in personal care product development as we strive to provide and promote the optimum environment in which to ensure hygiene and allow a healthier life for people and communities everywhere. Our focus spans all areas from cosmetics and toothpastes to skin care, make-up, and hair care products. In particular, currently a research to minimize the environmental impact due to discharges produced from shampoo, conditioner, body wash products along with water is conducted. A substantial result was generate from 35% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by applying a low temperature production process in producing the body cleansers.

Skin Care Makeup Hair Care

  • Developed wrinkle improving cosmetics
  • Developed a new concept whitening solution.
  • Developed a new material for blocking
    UV rays.
  • Developed the oriental herb processing
  • Material stabilizing technology.
  • Developed aromatics made of natural
  • Developed high performance beauty

Skin Care Makeup Hair Care

  • Developed a long lasting polymer for
    lip gloss.
  • Developed a new powder for
  • Developed a revolutionary new
  • Developed a vapor phase coating powder.

Skin Care Makeup Hair Care

  • Developed a low-irritation hair dye.
  • Hair loss prevention technology.
  • Hair Research
2. Skin Science Research

The Skin & Science research field performs basic research to aid in the development of products that can meet and exceed customer expectations. At the same time, it ensures excellent effectiveness and safety through skin and weight-loss product research in areas including whitening, wrinkle-refinement, moisturizing, hair regrowth, and anti-obesity. Rediscover the value of the traditional oriental medicine by conducting a scientific research on the processing method of herbs and natural material including red ginsengs, and research on products and materials in the various research areas ranging from interface engineering and biotechnology to physical chemistry, mechanical engineering, and information technology are conducted in order to anticipate the new change which will be brought by the technology convergence and be prepared for that. In addition, the institute was appointed as a KOLAS certified testing facility for 29 items including the phthalate test by the government, thus its analytical skills are recognized internationally.

Materials Analysis Efficacy/Safeness

  • Development of cosmetics using
    plant stem cell
  • Technology of producing a massive
    amount of rare red ginseng saponin ingredient.
  • Research on natural ingredients.
  • Discovered a new ingredient from
    fermented soybean.

Materials Analysis Efficacy/Safeness

  • Analyzing environmental hormones
  • Analyzing lipid lamellar bodies.

Materials Analysis Efficacy/Safeness

  • Developed artificial skin
  • Development of cell mimetic
  • Developed the animal replacement
  • Developed a simple skin diagnosis system.
3. Medical Beauty Research

Our medical beauty research is focused on developing new medicine, drug delivery systems and cosmeceuticals. We are developing new compounds with a long-term vision of treating obesity and skin diseases, as well as pain relief. In the DDS field, our study objective is to develop an innovative new dosage form that can be applied to cosmetics in addition to medicines through controlling drug release rate and research on absorption in the body. The DDS research and development power of AmorePacific has been widely recognized by Ketotop, an attached arthritis treatment drug. In addition, our cosmeceutical field studies cosmetics specifically for atopic and acne-suffering skin. We realize our dreams through developing new medicines for skin and weight-loss that meet global standards, improve and treat diseases, and slow the aging process to improve the quality of human life.

Drug Delivery Cosmeceutical New Drugs

  • Developed attached arthritis medicine
  • Developed a drug stabilizing technology.
  • Developed a drug releasing control

Drug Delivery Cosmeceutical New Drugs

  • A technology of synthesizing a similar lamellar body.

Drug Delivery Cosmeceutical New Drugs

  • Developed a treatment medicine for a
    skin disease.
  • Developed a treatment medicine for arthritis
  • Developed an obesity medicine.
4. Health & Science Research

In the health and science research field, we introduced a beauty food concept based on the idea that our inner health - mental stability, balance, and convenience – determines our outer beauty, proving scientifically that our skin can be better by eating the right foods. By introducing the NDS (Nutrition Delivery System) technique, we enhanced the utilization and safety of beneficial ingredients within our body, and conducted research to present the great joy of eating to our customers, along with the foods effects, by masking unpleasant tastes. Moreover, AmorePacific operates its own green tea farm with a team of green tea experts, the first such beauty company facility in Korea, in an effort to advertise the superior efficacy and cultural value of green tea.

Green Teas Health Foods

  • Researched the taste and scent of green teas.

Green Teas Beauty Food

  • Research on materials for anti-obesity.
  • The ultra heaven technology of
    processing red ginseng.
  • Developed an anti-aging beauty food.
  • Developed a low molecule collagen peptide.
5. Bioscience Research

The use of biotechnology in cosmetics, foods, drug developments is a very basic requirement and its importance is still growing. The Bioscience R&D Center is conducting a basic bioscience research in the fields related to skin (beauty) and health (inner beauty), the AmorePacific's main fields in order to meet these requirements. Specifically, the goals are to investigate the effects of genetic and environmental differences on skin (beauty) and health (inner beauty) by actively utilizing the latest bio-technology such as systems biology, -omics, stem cells, small RNAs and more, to provide solutions necessary for the product development by continuing the base research major mechanisms associated with aging, whitening and energy metabolism, and the research on biomarkers, and ultimately to provide customized solutions according to individual skin and health status.

Aging-related DNAs

  • Research on aging DNAs