KOLAS Accredited Testing Institute


Korea accredited organization KOLAS (KOREA LABORATORY ACCREDITATION SCHEME) is an official organization performing works accredited by the calibration agency, test agency, inspection agency, and standard material producing agencies according to the "National Standards Basic Law" and ISO/IEC 17011 regulations, and assessing and accrediting a calibration agency, test agency, and inspection agency according to the law and international standards established by international standard agencies.

Test Agency Accrediting System

A testing agency accreditation system is a system to officially recognize the testing ability in a certain field by having a professionally qualified assessor from an accredited agency meeting the international standards to evaluate the quality system and technical capacity.

Analyzing Technique Capability of AmorePacific Technology Research Institute

Analyzing Technique Capability of AmorePacific Technology Research Institute AmorePacific Research Institute has been additionally recognized as an international accredited testing agency for 6 categories of cosmetics including phthalate test by Korean Agency for Technology and Standard (KORAS) on April 1, 2008. (Agency for Technology and Standard Notice 2008-86 Ho)

This is followed by the existing accredited 23 categories. Thus, the accredited range has extended to 29 categories. In particular, the phthalate test method, which was recognized for the first time in domestic, is an internally developed analyzing method completed with validation by meeting the international standards. This represents that the analyzing technology of AmorePacific Research Institute has been internationally accredited.