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Welcome to the home page of AMOREPACIFIC Technology Institute.

Director of AMOREPACIFIC Technology Research Institute Hakhui Kang

AMOREPACIFIC has been continuously devoted to improving quality ever since they began developing cosmetics through the scientific research in the wasteland of the cosmetic industry by establishing the first research center of cosmetic industry in 1954. Since 1980 we built the foundation for product development by investing heavily on dermatological research, and at the same time we have made great efforts to provide Total Care of beauty and health based on pharmaceutical and health food researches.

In recent years, we have strengthened the program on natural materials historically known to be safe and highly effective, such as, ginseng, soybean, green tea and more as members of the society have increasingly shown interest in environmentally friendly products. Moreover, we have been implementing a project encompassing whitening, moisturizing, anti-winkle, abdominal obesity, bio-technology, adjacent field research and more.

As a result, we have been at the forefront for improving quality of domestic cosmetics by developing high quality products, such as traditional oriental herbal cosmetic Sulhwasoo developed from oriental herb research, Korea's leading cosmetic IOPE, nanotechnology-intensive global cosmetic Amore Pacific, Hera the cradle of cell science, and Laneige, Mamonde, Verite, Rye, Mise-en-scene, Happy Bath and more. In addition, we developed the world's first attached arthritis medicine called Ketotop in the pharmaceutical sector, and exported the new drug technology in 10 years since we first undertook developing new drugs.

AMOREPACIFIC responds quickly to market trends by building a broad research network with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions based on the idea that we can not dwell only on the current technology. We are also expanding research and development for reaching out to global markets, such as developing specialized products considering skin characteristics of the local women, local regions and climate characteristics through collaborated research with local medical schools and hospitals. The recently completed 2nd Research Center, 'Mizium', will be a space not only for creating the 'Healthy Beauty' dreamed of by women all over the world but also actualizing the true 'Asian Beauty' that AMOREPACIFIC has dreamed about. In the future, we will continue to show technologies and luxury products of a master craftsmanship which captivate the hearts of customers all over the world through active investment and research efforts for the research technology.

AMOREPACIFIC will not be afraid of failure and be remembered as 'Asian Beauty Creator' to the people of the world by creating a true beauty where inner and outer sides are harmonized and realizing the eternal dream of mankind to live in beauty and health. Once again, thank you for your visit and I wish health and happiness be always with you.

Kang Hak-Hee