Design Philosophy

AmorePacific has a design mindset regarding external and internal beauty.

Aspiring to contribute to the beauty and health of humanity, AMOREPACIFIC believes that true beauty radiates from within. With that belief, AMOREPACIFIC pursues creative and value-oriented design.

The kind of beauty AMOREPACIFIC seeks is perfect harmony among different elements that complete and perfect one another, like a perfect tapestry woven from seemingly contrasting threads—emotional but rational, traditional but modern and cutting-edge, Oriental but Western, supple but strong, heritage-cherishing but proactive and forward-looking, natural but scientific, Korean but global. The beauty AMOREPACIFIC envisions is the beauty of togetherness that can be reached through perfect harmony among different qualities. This is the AMOREPACIFIC design philosophy.

AMOREPACIFIC’s design ideal reflects its long-standing corporate philosophy. With tireless endeavors and creativity, the company has created new cultures and added value to customers’ lives. Now the company is preparing to take a new leap forward through creative management based on its CEO’s commitment to tapping into design as a new management tool and guide. AMOREPACIFIC is designing its dream of the Asian Beauty Creator, which will create new beauty for humanity.