We bring The Essence of Asian Beauty to you.

  • Emblem

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    The AMOREPACIFIC emblem symbolizes its corporate identity. In order to effectively use it, the user should accurately understand the Dos and Don’ts. Using it in a publication requires consultation with the CI team (this emblem should not be used in any publication for business functions or brand PR).

  • Spacing Guidelines

    The graphic motif symbolizes the company’s global vision, “the Asian Beauty Creator,” and expressively communicates the identity of AMOREPACIFIC. Visually encapsulating the history and value of AMOREPACIFIC, the emblem serves as a design element in a variety of media and circumstances.

  • Visual

    The emblem as a graphic motif expresses the long history of AMOREPACIFIC along with its philosophy and commitment to moving forward as the Asian Beauty Creator with unique values and sensibilities. Camellia, which was the very root of the business; green tea, which underlines AMOREPACIFIC’s pioneering spirit; motherly love and creativity for the future; an emphasis on harmony between inner and outer beauty—all these factors are intermingled and flow into the circle, which signifies the Pacific, to bear richly diverse fruits and make the world increasingly abundant, into the very world AMOREPACIFIC dreams of. The two-toned AMORE blue alluding to the sky and sea represents the nature-friendly business philosophy of AMOREPACIFIC.