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  • Meaning

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    The soft and sophisticated image of AMORE meets the strong, entrepreneurial and masculine image of PACIFIC in ‘AMOREPACIFIC’ to express a perfect harmony of contrasting qualities: inner beauty with outer beauty; traditions with the future; emotion with reason; and nature with science. In particular, incorporated into the AMOREPACIFIC logo is a device that expresses AMOREPACIFIC’s uniqueness: . The sign is found as part of the letters “O” and “R.” This sign signifies the Mirror of Venus and symbolically shows AMOREPACIFIC’s dedication to valuing women.

  • Colors

    The logotype of AMOREPACIFIC employs two shades of blue. One is “AMORE Blue,” which is soft and gentle like the shadow of the moon; the other is “PACIFIC Blue,” which is sound and strong, evoking such images as a cold desert night and the deep blue sea. These two blues blend exquisitely in the logotype of AMOREPACIFIC and visually complete the harmony of contrasting ideas incorporated in the AMOREPACIFIC name.