CEO’s Message

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Amorepacific has been writiong the history of 'beauty and bealth'  for well over 65 years now. In the 1930s, a woman scattered the seeds of beauty by selling camellia oil in Gaeseong, now a North Korean region, where new commercial ventures were then budding. Today these seeds are blossoming in China, France, the US and throughout the world.

  • AMOREPACIFIC envisioned a new beauty that combines Asian culture and Western technologies in perfect harmony. From its first hit brand ABC Pomade to its unparalleled oriental medicine-based Sulwhasoo and AMOREPACIFIC, a global brand that captures the essence of Asian values, AMOREPACIFIC’s spirit of challenge and creativity has reshaped Asia’s beauty. As a result, AMOREPACIFIC has, since its inception in 1945, been showered with love and trust from customers to become the most esteemed beauty company in Korea.

    We remember that it is you, our customers, who have made us what we are today. Many say that the history of AMOREPACIFIC is a history of creating from the ground up, but we at AMOREPACIFIC have only endeavored to make your dreams of beauty come true. And now we are geared to create a “culture of beauty” together with customers around the world.

    We want AMOREPACIFIC to be thought of as the “Asian Beauty Creator” in the minds of global customers. In Asia, as we draw the eyes of the world, we aspire to become a company that realizes three billion Asians’ dreams of beauty, and furthermore, a company that unveils the essence of Asian beauty steeped in Asian cultures to customers across the world. Moreover, we will strive to fulfill our social responsibility as a member of the global community by playing a role in building a poverty-free world, a cleaner environment, and, We aim to be a company that customers around the world love.

  • We invite you to share AMOREPACIFIC’s future, as well.
    All of us at AMOREPACIFIC wish you the enchantment of beauty.

    Thank you.
    Chairman & CEO AMOREPACIFIC Group Suh Kyung-Bae