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The AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (President and CEO, Kyung-Bae Suh)’s luxury oriental cosmetics brand Sulwhasoo has expanded to Singapore, the fourth global market for the brand, to begin aggressive marketing in the ASEAN region. On September 1st, Sulwhasoo opened the Singapore’s first boutique in Tangs, the country’s most prestigious department store, located on Orchard Road.


The first Sulwhasoo boutique in Singapore provides a Concept Zone, a space where customers can experience the values of “Asian beauty” and the refinements of oriental science. The boutique is already receiving positive responses from customers for its 1:1 expert counseling service. For 5 days starting on August 13th prior to the opening of the boutique, Sulwhasoo also promoted the philosophy as a luxury brand through “Sulwhasoo House”, a prelaunch brand experience event for local media, department store officials and opinion leaders. In return, the company was able to confirm the interest in the Sulwhasoo brand from participants.


With the successful Singapore market launch, Sulwhasoo is concentrating its expansion on the rapidly growing ASEAN region market. Sulwhasoo will be expanding to the Taiwanese and Thai markets within the year and then to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines by 2015. By doing so, it will prove its standing as a global luxury oriental cosmetics brand in the 6 ASEAN nations (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines).


Based on the corporate mission of being Asian Beauty Creator and global vision for its brand, as well as the unparalleled leadership in the Korean market over the past decades, Sulwhasoo is making this effort to achieve the vision of “becoming a global luxury brand that represents Asia” by spreading the values of “Asian beauty” and luxury oriental science to customers around the world. By doing so, the AMOREPACIFIC Corporation is determined to accelerate its global expansion and take a step closer to achieving its vision of “World’s No.7 Cosmetics Company by 2020”.


Jin-Soo Jeon, the Executive Director of the AMOREPACIFIC Corporation’s Marketing Division, Luxury BM, said that “Sulwhasoo is not just a cosmetics brand. It is a brand that embraces the culture and values of Asia and a brand created with AMOREPACIFIC Corporation’s pride and 50 years of research in oriental science. We are confident that customers in ASEAN countries, including Singapore, will appreciate these values and that Sulwhasoo will secure its position as a truly representative brand of Asia.”


Sulwhasoo began its expansion into the global market in 2004 by launching the brand in Hong Kong, a competing ground of Eastern and Western brands. By opening boutiques in New York, a favorite city among fashion leaders in 2010, and in China, the center of the global economy, in 2011, Sulwhasoo is sharing the refinements of a luxury oriental cosmetics brand to customers around the world.


[Note. 1] Sulwhasoo’s global business and future plans

Sulwhasoo’s efforts to become a global brand began with the launch in Hong Kong, the competing ground of global luxury brands, in 2004. Sulwhasoo opened a boutique store in the Hong Kong Central Building in September 2004, opening the door for global expansion. Hong Kong alone has five first-class stores, including the "Sulwhasoo Spa", opened at Hong Kong's Canton Road, promoting the beauty and excellence of premium Korean herbal medicinal cosmetics to Chinese customers with an annual sales growth rate of over 40%.


In June 2010, Sulwhasoo opened a new location in New York's high-end department store, representing Korea with its premium Korean herb medicinal cosmetics. In addition, in November of the same year, Sulwhasoo was offered as a special gift for the first ladies who attended the G20 Seoul Summit 2010, adding to the nation's prestige.
In March 2011, Sulwhasoo opened China’s first boutique in Beijing, as it is achieving strong growth in China, the center of the global economy. Today, Sulwhasoo operates 11 boutiques in the most refined department stores in China’s 5 major cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.


And with the successful launch in Singapore this September, Sulwhasoo has earned recognition of its values as a global luxury brand. By expanding to Thailand and Taiwan following the successful launch in Singapore, Sulwhasoo will expand to 6 ASEAN countries by 2015 and become a luxury brand that represents Asia.
With the will to create world-class luxury brand through Korean beauty while not satisfied with being Korea’s No. 1 brand, Sulwhasoo will continue its efforts to become the single brand that can inspire customers around the world.


[Note. 2] Sulwhasoo brand history

1966 | Launched ABC Ginseng Cream
1967 | Began researching “Oriental Cosmetics Focused on Ginseng
1972 | Acquired patent for extraction of effective substances from ginseng
1973 | Launched Korea’s first cosmetic with ginseng extracts, “Ginseng Sammi
1975 | “Sammi” launched in Korea and 22 products exported overseas
1981 | Began exportation and overseas launch of Sammijin
1987 | Launched “Sulwha”, the first product to implement oriental medicine in dermatological science
1997 | Launched “Sulwhasoo” after joint R&D with Kyunghee University School of Oriental Medicine
2004 | Expanded to Hong Kong
2009 | Opened “Sulwhasoo Spa” on Canton Road, Hong Kong
2010 | Opened boutique in New York’s finest department store / Selected as official gift of G20 Seoul Summit 2010
2011 | Expanded to China
2012 | Expanded to Singapore

"Sulwhasoo", Korea's No. 1 premium herbal medicinal cosmetics brand of AMOREPACIFIC Corp. (President and CEO, Kyung-bae Suh), made its debut in mainland China, with its first shop opening at Parkson (百盛) Department Store in Beijing. AMOREPACIFIC aspires to accelerate business expansion in Asian market through its launch in China, a new rising power in the global economy, and take a step forward to achieving its vision of "2015 Global Top 10."

China is the third global market that "Sulwhasoo" has entered since Hong Kong in 2004, a highly competitive market for Western and Eastern premium brands alike, and New York, a dream city of all fashionistas in 2010. It reflects the corporate mission to become an "Asian Beauty Creator" and global vision of the brand. As such, the company will not settle for having maintained the No. 1 position in the domestic market for the last 10 years straight, but will strive to represent Asia's global premium brand by promoting the value of true "Asian beauty" and a high-quality scientific basis of herbal medicine.

"Sulwhasoo" will open its second shop next month in Shin Kong Place, one of Beijing's representative premium department stores, and plans to reach total 7 or 8 shops targeted at high-class department stores in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai before the end of this year.

AMOREPACIFIC held an opening ceremony at Beijing's Parkson Department Store on March 22 to celebrate the launch of China's first "Sulwhasoo" shop. Chinese celebrities, including "Yun Zhou (周韵)", a known fan of Sulwhasoo, as well as department store staff and AMOREPACIFIC staff have participated in this event. The event took place before over 20 local media groups who competed fiercely to gain best possible coverage.

Jae-cheon Yoo, the executive vice president of AMOREPACIFIC’s China unit, said at the ceremony, "Sulwhasoo is a more than just a product. The brand encompasses the Asian culture and value, and furthermore represents 50 years of history and pride AMOREPACIFIC possesses in herbal medicine. I am sure Chinese consumers will see this in our products, and hope that our advance into Chinese market will contribute to positioning Sulwhasoo as Asia's outstanding global premium brand."

Boosted by the successful settlement of "Sulwhasoo" in Chinese market, AMOREPACIFIC is aiming at Singapore, Taiwan and other major Asian countries as the next targets, and ultimately growing into one of the "Global 100 Brands" by the year 2020.

[Note: 1] Global Business and Future Plans of Sulwhasoo
Sulwhasoo's efforts to globalize its brand started in 2004, with its launch in Hong Kong, the mecca of all premium brands. The first step into the world was realized when a boutique-style independent shop made its appearance in Hong Kong's Central Building in September, 2004. Since then, Sulwhasoo has operated 6 luxurious shops within Hong Kong, including "Sulwhasoo Spa" that opened on Canton Road in June, 2009, and has marked an average annual sales growth of over 40%. It has successfully appealed the beauty and brilliance of premium herbal medicinal cosmetics to the consumers in Greater China.

Sulwhasoo distinguished itself as a leading herbal cosmetics brand of Korea to have launch in Bergdorf Goodman, the luxury department store in New York City in June, 2010. In November of the same year, during G20 SEOUL SUMMIT, it was presented as a special gift to the first ladies and contributed to enhancing the national dignity.

In March of this year, Sulwhasoo was once again recognized for its brand power through successful launch in China, the world's emerging economic center. It is also looking at further advance into Singapore, Taiwan and other major Asian countries before the end of this year, with great ambitions to become pan-Asian number one luxury brand.

Such a momentum of ambitious advancement into global market involves anticipating annual double-digit steady sales growth of Sulwhasoo. Thus the brand aims to achieve 1 trillion won of sales revenue in 2015 and reach a full-scale global megabrand in cosmetics. Beyond current market position of "Korean No. 1 cosmetics brand", Sulwhasoo has an ambitious will to become a worldwide premium cosmetics based on Korean original beauty and will keep making steady efforts to be a single brand cherished impressively in the heart of customers around the world.

[Note: 2] Brand History of Sulwhasoo
1967 | Begin research on "herbal medicinal cosmetics made from ginseng"
1972 | Obtain a patent for the extract of effective ingredients from ginseng
1973 | Release "Ginseng SAMMI", the first cosmetics containing ginseng
1975 | Introduce "SAMMI" in Korea and export 22 items
1981 | Release and export SAMMI GIN abroad
1987 | Introduce "Sulwha", the first product to combine skin physiology with herbal medicine
1997 | Release "Sulwhasoo" in joint research with the College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee University
2004 | Launch in Hong Kong
2009 | Open "Sulwhasoo Spa" on Canton Road, Hong Kong
2010 | Open a shop in Bergdorf Goodman in New York City
Selected as the official gift for G20 SEOUL SUMMIT 2010
2011 | Launch in China

Han Ji-min, model of 'Mamonde', a representative cosmetic brand of Korea, won the 'BBF (Beautiful Brand Federation, a model association certification) Popular Star Award' at the 6
th Asia Model Awards (2011 Asia Model Festival Awards).

The actress received great interest from local fans and media when she visited China late last year for a new Mamonde product launch event. She introduced her future plans and gave her personal secrets of caring clean and moist skin in a calm and coherent manner, boasting her smart Hallyu star image.

Han Ji-min vigorously performs her role as a Mamonde model with her smart and confident manner and image. She also draws public attention by changing her image as a mysterious yet sexy femme fatale character in her new movie 'Detective K: Secret Of a Peddler's Inn,' which is to be released in theaters on January 27.

Taking the opportunity of her award, she expressed a determined resolution to continue her support of cosmetics utilizing her ‘Han Ji-min power’ with her Hallyu star image spread across Asia. As a Mamonde model, she will take various activities not only in Korea but also throughout Asia.


The signing event of Hyun Bin, model for Laneige Homme, the brand that proposes a veritable grooming manual for young and stylish city men, has been a great success.

Celebrating 20 billion in sales of Laneige Homme, the signing event for fans, held to reward customer affection, lasted over two hours at Lotte Department store at Myeongdong on January 22.

Amid widespread excitement, the event was ever-more special as it was the last signing event by Laneige Homme model Hyun Bin - the actor who starred in the latest popular SBS drama “Secret Garden,” - before he enters military service.

Fans queued up to Lotte Department store at Myeongdong from the afternoon of the day before the fan signing event. On the event day, the store was overcrowded with the fans. The event was attended by a record high number of guests among similar signing events at the department store, according to a source of the Lotte Department store, so one can imagine the feverous atmosphere of the Laneige Homme signing event.

Like any chic city man, Hyun Bin appeared at the signing location dressed up in a black coat; he signed his autograph with love and care for each of his fans. There were countless of appreciation as he held peoples’ hands.

As he was leaving the event venue after the fan signing ended, he waved his hands and bowed his head thanking fans who had waited such a long time to see him in person.

Hyun Bin is modeling for Laneige Homme, a brand for stylish men that moisturizes rough and dry male complexions. In addition to his stylish fashion, he was also recognized to have moist and smooth skin second-to-none by the main actress in the SBS drama Secret Garden.

Actress and Mamonde model Han Ji-min visited Beijing, China to participate in Mamonde’s new product range launch event and had a pleasant meeting with local fans.


She was greeted by a crowd of fans upon her arrival to Beijing Airport, after having realized her popularity as part of Hallyu or Korean wave. Despite her trip’s short duration, just two nights and three days, she completed all of her scheduled appointments enthusiastically, and attracted widespread attention along the way.


Participants in the new Mamonde range launch event were leaders of the Chinese beauty industry and various other VIPs. The Korean actress introduced a “Pure White Sleeping Pack,” before the over 100 Chinese reporters who competed fiercely to gain best possible coverage of the event. In particular, she introduced her achievements so far and gave her personal secrets to maintain clean and moist skin through interviews with Chinese media. She demonstrated the unique wit and confidence for which she is so widely applauded.


“Mamonde Pure White Sleeping Pack,” is one of the new products of the Mamonde “Pure White” range, which is the most popular Mamonde product in China. The sleeping pack removes dead skin cells and whitens skin simultaneously during sleep hours, revealing visible results after just one day of use. With its unique whitening capsule containing rice embryo extract, the product ensures effective and smart whitening management.


The actress was selected last September as a new model for Mamonde and is loved by many people through her work on numerous TV series, such as Cain and Abel, Yi San, and others. Han Ji-min is a model who demonstrates the image of smart women befitting “Smart Nature Science”, a new brand concept of Mamonde, and is expected to play a continuing role in the enhancement of Mamonde’s brand awareness in Korea and China.


Since its successful launch in 2005, Mamonde has become one of the most popular cosmetic brands with smart efficacy and reasonable prices. Mamonde is sold at more than 250 department stores and 2,000 cosmetic boutiques in China, demonstrating the power and allure of Korean cosmetic brands.

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